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Marietta Pops Orchestra was founded by Dr. Paul Hill in the Spring of 2010 with the assurance that with such a musically and artistically diverse community as Marietta, surely there were musicians who would be interested in joining with other musicians to start a community orchestra.

Symphony performs at outside event

The response to that query was overwhelming.  Within a month, over 50 musicians were sitting on a stage working together to make an orchestra out of the assembled musicians.

From that day until now, each week has been a joyful experience as we have worked to bring our talents together to make music.

Concerts have been well-attended by the community and the dream of a local orchestra in Marietta is no longer a dream… it’s a reality that appears to be here to stay.

If you or someone you know is capable of playing moderate to advanced grade music, please contact Dr. Hill to see if an opening is available.

Symphony performance Symphony performance Symphony performanceSymphony in concert